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We operate a specially designed DEFRA registered vehicle for the safe and legal transportation of animals across the UK.

Our vehicle is secure, air conditioned and has all the safety features you would expect. 

Have a Vet Appointment and can’t get there? We can help. We are also able to collect your pets to or from the airport. We are fully insured and happy to give you a quote for any journey whether it’s local or UK.

pet cremation

We all understand the joy of loving a pet but inevitably the time will come when we have to say goodbye.

We provide a sympathetic, individual cremation service for your pet at a very well respected local pet crematorium.

You can be assured that you will receive a quick and professional service with Fairwells Crematorium via Manchester Dogs Home. Your pet will be treated with the greatest of respect and dignity.


Cats are creatures of habit and like things to be" just right" which usually means, keeping their routine. This is why they usually are far more comfortable at home in familiar surroundings than spending time at a cattery.

My service is tailored to your cats individual needs whether they be a cat that loves to be the centre of attention or one that would rather be left alone to get on with things.

We cover: feeding, water, cleaning litter trays and welfare checks.