If there is one thing that caring for cats over the years has taught me, it is that every cat is different and a one size fits all approach usually doesn't work. I havecertainly found this true with all the cats I have had the privilege to live with. 

Cats are creatures of habit and like things to be" just right" which usually means, just the way they like them. This is why they usually are far more comfortable at home in familiar surroundings than spending time at a cattery.

My service is tailored to your cats individual needs whether they be a cat that loves to be the centre of attention or one that would rather be left alone to get on with things. 

The very basics are all covered as a matter of course, i.e. feeding, water, cleaning litter trays and checking that they are alright. I have  had some basic training at a veterinary hospital in handling and first aid and can administer medication to your cat.I have also completed a course in cat behaviour. 

So for cat care in Manchester please contact us.